Spa Experience

Indulge in a home spa experience whilst detoxifying and re-energising the body and mind with a balanced infusion of restorative natural minerals to nourish the body and enliven the mind.

1 x TONE Sculpting Body Mask

1 x FACE Rejuvenating Mask

1 x 600g DETOX Hot Springs Spa Soak (3 soaks)


Whilst soaking in natural hot mineral springs is central to the balneotherapy tradition, we can recreate the ritual and benefits for those of us unable to access these transformative locations. Our Detox Soak, Tone and Face Exfoliating Masks contain a delicate blend of essential minerals designed to nourish, hydrate and calm a stressed, overworked body and mind.

Complete this unique spa experience with our natural 100% Australian beeswax honey pot candle for the ultimate relaxation and indulgence. Unlike any other candles, beeswax are the only ones that purify and ionize the air as they burn. They are perfect for those who suffer from respiratory related sensitivities or asthma.

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