28 Day Maintenance Plan - No Bath

This plan is ideal for those that prefer the benefits of balneotherapy, without the soaking element. 

For best results we recommend the following treatment plan:

  1. Foot soaks - every third day. Starting on day 1.
  2. Massage and Body masks every third day. Balance between replenishing Glow-exfoliating body mask and rejuvenating Tone -sculpting body mask. The plan includes 1 Glow and 1 Tone. Starting on day 2.
  3. Face mask – Face rejuvenating scrub every third day starting on day 2.

Your 28 Day Maintenance Plan for a No Bath Lifestyle includes:

4 x 240g REVIVE Weightless Feet Soak (a total of 16 soaks)

1 x jar GLOW Exfoliating Body Mask 

1 x jar TONE Sculpting Body Mask

2 x jars FACE Exfoliating Face Scrub


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