28 Day Maintenance Plan - Active Lifestyle

This plan is ideal for those that lead active lifestyles and need regular replenishing. 

For best results we recommend the following treatment plan:

  1. Soaking every four days - balance between replenishing RECOVERY Island Holiday and rejuvenating DETOX Hot Spring Spa. The plan includes 6 RECOVERY soaks and 4 DETOX soaks. Starting on day 1.
  2. REVIVE Weightless Foot Soak every third day. Starting on day 3.
  3. Massage and TONE Sculpting body mask every third day, starting on day 3.
  4. Face mask – FACE Exfoliating Scrub every third day, starting on day 2.

Your 28 Day Maintenance Plan for an Active Lifestyle includes:

2 x 660g RECOVERY Holiday Island Soak (total 6 soaks)

1 x 600g DETOX Hot Springs Spa Soak (total 3 soaks)

1 x 300g DETOX Hot Springs Spa Soak (1 soak)

2 x 240g REVIVE Weightless Feet Soak (a total of 8 soaks)

1 x 120g REVIVE Weightless Feet Soak (a total of 2 soaks)

1 x jar TONE Sculpting Body Mask 

2 x jars FACE Exfoliating Face Scrub


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