Why they work

Throughout our everyday lives, as we rush from one appointment to the next, we accumulate toxins in our bodies. These may be the result of the foods we choose to eat and drink, activities we undertake or lack thereof, or from the stresses our daily schedules.
While our bodies do their best to rid us of these toxins, we often accumulate them at a faster rate than our bodies can process and eliminate them. The result is inflammation, pain, sluggishness and fatigue.
Hot mineral springs contain a unique blend of natural minerals that assist the body to effectively detoxify and infuse it with essential nutrients for ongoing wellbeing and radiance. Utilising the knowledge and traditions of balneotherapy can reduce inflammation and contribute to increased wellbeing as our bodies are able to maintain optimum wellness and balance.
Our daily routines, and especially desk based jobs have created a pandemic of back problems which are sweeping all working people. A lack of movement is detrimental to our health and wellbeing. As humans we were designed to move, which helps circulate everything around our body and for our body to efficiently keep all parts well oiled and lubricated. Sitting is especially bad for our body’s, our spines and our joints. This is one area where hot springs are best known for. The mineral rich waters are buoyant and not only work to relieve some of the pressure from between our tired joints, but they also replenish the muscles and help re-nourish and rebalance the body

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