The History of Balneotherapy

In Europe and across Asia, there is a long and ancient history of soaking in hot mineral springs for ongoing health and wellbeing. In Europe, this practice is known as balneotherapy.
For centuries, people have been travelling to naturally heated, mineral-rich pools to take time our to soak in the healing waters.The reasons are vast and varied, from skin, musco-skeletol, stress, digestive and/or circulation among others.
The principle is that our skin is our third kidney, through which our bodies can detoxify and replenish essential minerals, nourishing and rebalancing overwhelmed and sluggish bodies.  
However it is not just the art of soaking in these unique waters that is beneficial: it is also the practice of relaxing and mindfully disconnecting with everyday pressures whilst soaking that has so many positive benefits. Balneotherapy is a complete wellness experience for the body and the mind: precisely the ritual that is needed in today’s modern world.

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