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"Feel a million bucks. Did the full experience. Drinking water. Candles. Bath. Cold water on feet. Skin feels fresh and new. Body feels relaxed and detoxed. Not bad for one evening in the week. Thank you."
Personal trainer & Olympian
"I used the Detox (soak) this morning! So amazing. Like I could feel the toxins going out my feet. So so good!!!"
"I feel great. My skin feels smooth and soft after the face scrub. I slept like a baby after the detox soak, and feel really relaxed."
"I love the smell of the body exfoliant (pink grapefruit). It made my skin feel amazing."
Beauty Salon owner
Just had my mineral bath! Beautiful! Great Product."
Clinical Psychologist
I absolutely love the packaging. It will be great for the spa. I tried FACE scrub this moring and it was very nice. Can't wait to try out the bath soak.
Novotel Resort, Spa Owner & Directory
I gave the lovely bath salts and facial scrub to my PT for Christmas as I knew she would love them even more than me. She loves them so much she told me through the week she wanted to purchase more, and even consider giving them to her clients. The natural ingredients were a big hit with her especially the magnesium salt bath.
Printing Company Owner & Directory
I feel energised when I do the soak (Recovery). My skin feels lovely. My husband noticed the difference. I love the idea of 'MyTime'.
Media and IT Company Owner & Director
Soaking in the bath last night was SO GOOD! I put on some quiet meditative music and afterwards I felt really, really relaxed. The salts smell divine, and they also make the water feel really soft (that's saying something in Adelaide where our water is normally very hard!)
Digital Marketing, Company Owner & Director
They have really helped I think (lower back pain). I will definitely buy some more. I love them. They are a great gift as well.
Founder & Head of a Dog Rescue Organisation

‘Dear Maria, thank you so much! I stepped out right now and I feel so so good! Realized how early it is but I am so happy to go to bed now! It’s really the perfect prep for it. Have a lovely evening and a wonderful successful second expo day!:) I go back to my island now:) love, Nicole’  

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