I am Doctor Maria Burwood, a mother to four young children, a wife, an entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for health and wellbeing. I have a PhD in materials science, that means I understand how to organically balance and activate different materials to target specific symptoms, without altering them chemically.

I have experienced the impact and toll stress has on our health – even the relationships around us – that’s why I created MyTime Minerals. My philosophy and products were born out of my own health crisis and are pioneering in terms of the benefits in rebooting, rejuvenating and rebalancing our everyday lives.I was sick, really sick. I faced a crisis where my body was shutting down from the inside out. My hectic and stressful lifestyle, has left me with adrenal and thyroid fatigue. There was nothing modern medicine could offer me. My options were to take time off and rest (hardly possible with work and kids), supplement, supplement, supplement (which adds to poor digestion) and meditate. 


I was born and raised in Europe, and for centuries the solution to repairing, rejuvenating and rebalancing was to take time out and soak in natural mineral hot springs. The principle is that our skin is our third kidney – and we can use it to detox, nourish and rebalance our bodies from the outside in. It is not just the art of soaking in mineral rich waters (Balneotherapy), natural hot springs enable relaxation and meditation, because there are no phones, no connectivity, and no expectations in nature. It offers the complete wellness experience. I knew, I had to find a way to incorporate balneotherapy and the ritual wellness of mineral hot springs into my daily routine at home. My challenge was to achieve relaxation, therapy and wellness in one ritual that took no longer then my 20 minutes daily care routine.


In 2008, while working crazy hours abroad I ended up six weeks in hospital with a tear in my disc. I was lucky that I was in Germany. I was immobile, so the healing and therapeutic experience was brought to me. My strict six week rehabilitation plan – to prevent surgery –  was a deconstructed Balneotherapy and Hot Spring experience which looked like this: 


because clay naturally draws out toxins, reducing inflammation and relieving muscle spasms and pain


because thermal changes stimulate circulation and fire up our lymphatic system


because minerals draw out toxins, and replenish the body with essential minerals and nutrients needed for the body to repair itself


because a calm mind and relaxed body allow the body to focus solely on repairing and rejuvenating itself


I started MyTime Minerals because I couldn’t find any natural detox or recovery products that could recreate my therapeutic experience or that combine all three elements of wellness. I found a lot of chemistry that detoxed without replenishing, or relaxed without nourishing. The ingredients were a mix that reacted with my hyper-sensitive body so that  I felt worse after using the products. So I decided to put my science knowledge to work and developed my own range of soaks that would recreate the complete wellness experience. I was successful. I included every aspect of my experience and knowledge of Balneo- and Hot Spring Therapy. Initially, I wanted a strong detox to kickstart my whole body. Once I started feeling better, I was able to start exercising so I developed a magnesium rich soak that I use to recover. These two soaks are the basis of my daily routine.


MyTime Minerals are not just another bath salt. They are the complete wellness experience. Combined with our prescribed wellness ritual, the soaks and scrubs cleanse, detox and nourish your body and mind. To ensure authenticity, I personally source every ingredient and ensure that the blend is 100% natural, sustainably sourced, non-GMO, preservative and fragrance free.I am a nurturer by nature and my mission is to help others who themselves struggle to balance life and health. 

Don’t have a bath? Or don’t always want to soak? 

I have developed the detox scrub to ensure that circumstance does not interfere in your wellness ritual. I stand behind my brand, because I know my products work. I have personally experienced the healing power and have seen it, heal others. 


We want the wellness of balneotherapy to be attainable, easy and part of everyone’s daily ritual. 

 To be able to reboot, rejuvenate and to rebalance we need to take time out for ourselves and we also need to nourish our mind, body and soul. Our philosophy is that you need to relax, disconnect (Tech-tox) and detox in order to truly experience wellness. We believe that the easiest and most sustainable way to do this, is for daily routines to turn into a ritual that embodies all three elements of experiencing wellness. To make this happen we have created a range of natural products packed with minerals, along with a wellness ritual. Our unique approach combines the healing principles of Balneotherapy and the therapeutic experience of natural mineral hot springs across Europe. 

 Our vision is for every person to have access to the complete wellness experience of Balneotherapy and hot springs through bath time rituals. Our products and ritual are an intricate part of the complete wellness experience that is MyTime.

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