What is repair?


This is the process of nourishing our body with an extra dose of essential minerals and nutrients, to help it heal and recover. Magnesium is particularly significant in calming down our nervous system and supporting our muscle recovery. Magnesium also supports our immune system and helps to energise us. 

We require a blend of essential minerals that is predominantly rich in magnesium. Our unique recovery soak blends magnesium rich salts with minerals that assist the magnesium get absorbed into the body repairing and  rejuvenating you from the outside in.  

So when do you need to repair?

  • When you have muscle aches and pains
  • Anytime you work up a sweat
  • After a heavy workout
  • When you work long hours
  • When you feel agitated and struggle to relax
  • When your body feels heavy and tired
  • When you have swollen feet
  • When your skin is dull

MyTime Recovery Script

For your convenience, we offer four ways to help you repair, rejuvenate and rebalance your body.

1. Recovery hot spring soak - every second day for 14 days

2. Revive Weightless feet soak - every second day for 14 days

3. Glow exfoliating scrub - every third day for 10 days

4. Man rejuvenating face scrub - every third day for 10 days

If you are using more than one product, alternate every second day for 14 days.

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