Maintain optimum wellness

What is maintain?

Sometimes your body needs a detox and sometimes you need to repair it. If you practice ritual wellness, your body only needs to maintain its optimum wellness. We keep our body fit and healthy when we keep our bodies balanced. By practicing ritual wellness we listen to our bodies and only need to make minor adjustment to keep ourselves balanced. 

So when do we need to maintain?

  • When you lead a balanced life
  • To minimise the chance of body burnout
  • To retain inner balance
  • For ritual therapy, relaxation and wellness

MyTime Maintain Script

For your convenience, we offer four ways to help you maintain a balanced body.

1. Detox hot spring soak - two times a week

2. Recovery island holiday soak - two times a week 

3. Glow exfoliating scrub - once a week

4. Revive Weightless feet soak - three times a week

5. Man Rejuvenating face scrub -  two times a week

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